Fresh Ink

Full of naivety, I lost my sense of self in the overflowing narcissism dripping between my lips. Dreaming dreams by day and still awake at night, I may have forgotten to close my eyes for a little to regain energy and fight my next battle. Drinking from the fountain of youth and ignorance, my soul […]

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Green Light

Another New Year’s for the books… and like the rest of society, I am just another statistic scribbling down resolutions, both “brand new” and repeated from the previous years. Yet it seems the older I get, more unfinished goals and unattainable dreams stack on the dusty shelves. Forgotten and for granted, I pull out my […]

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High Tides

I’m drowning. The lifeless weight of my body is sinking into the deep abyss of lost hope. What started as a splash in a shallow puddle grew into a mess too large to stand. The emptiness of the dark ocean swallows every last bit of breathe from my tar filled lungs. I never did know […]

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En Route

I’ve weaved in and out of literally every possible career path. I’m fucking not even 25, but I have been going through a quarter-life crisis since I could buy cigarettes legally. When those old folks say to take risks and stay single. Boy, do I wish I listened, because what do ya know? After all […]

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